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A company with experience.

We are a company that exports the best quality coffee of Guatemala.


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Passion to fully develop the potential of people, promoting M.A.C. Philosophy (Mind, Body and Soul) A shoe manufacturer, with the heart to create transcendence, born in Guatemala, with exemplary parents of perseverance and discipline, studied at the Catholic school of high principles El Roble (Guatemala), completing High School at Saint Mary´s Academy (Kansas), without interest in continue to study at that time, he then entered in the Footwear Design job, consequently, using the successful family business as a platform, accompanied by university education, he led the formation of the Aldo Nero brand, and then completed a master's degree at the University of Barcelona. With the experience acquired, he was able to participate both in the formation of new companies and in the reengineering of others. With God as his center, he is a happy husband and father of three children Valeria, Aldo Luca and Alessandra, who he motivate to think that there is nothing impossible with the help of God and the right attitude. The road bike as a sport, motivated him to do a triathlon. During competition, being just 20 meters from the goal, he suffered an attack that almost cost him his life, an event that motivated him along with Lucia, his beloved wife, to develop the M.A.C. philosophy Implementation in the Aurora Studio Project program promoted by Cepaglobal, doing good, from seed to cup … Additionally, it is worth mentioning that he is a Supporter as an advisor to Young Entrepreneurs, a Director of Focus In the The Family LATAM, has participated as President of the Chamber of Tourism of Santa Ana, Costa Rica, is a managing directive of several successful companies in the food, hospitality , manufacturing, real estate development, chemical and coffee industries.


Product Manager

Randy Gedh Gomez

Guatemalan born in Quetzaltenango, born on July 9, 1992, 31 years old, with eight years of experience working at Finca Aurora. Engaged in quality control tasks in both wet and dry coffee processing, as well as handling logistics and marketing. Holds a Professional Q Processing certification from the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), a degree in Livestock Production from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, and a Certified Public Accountant title.

Arturo Eugenio Sánchez

Guatemalan born in Alta Verapaz, 48 years old with 26 years of experience working in coffee. Has managed various areas of the production process, specializing in pre-harvest and quality control. Certified Q Arabica Grader by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), holds a degree in Agronomy from the Central School of Agriculture, and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Mariano Gálvez University of Guatemala. Has been working for eight years at Finca Aurora, involved in planning and construction of wet and dry processing, quality control, and overall operational management.

From Guatemala to the world

Export quality coffee

Our coffee meets the highest quality standards and proceses necessary to meet the requirements of the most demanding roaster, buyer and specialist of coffee.

Environmental Sustainability

Social Sustainability

The farm has a water recirculation system in the wet mill, consuming up to five times less water than a conventional system of the same dimensions. The water is eventually returned to the fields for use in forest irrigation.

More than a hundred represented families from nearby communities working together to harvest and process coffee beans, fostering community development through fair wages and working conditions.

The pulp is used for the production of liquid and solid organic fertilizers naturally, with the assistance of specialized earthworms (Eisenia foetida).

To provide a pleasant and safe environment for its collaborators, the farm is committed to offering fair treatment, helping in improving their living conditions, health, occupational safety, and maintaining positive relationships with neighboring farms and adjacent communities.

There is nothing better than enjoying a good cup of coffee.